Re: Just if and where is the then?

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Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 11:58:05 CDT

Doug do you have problem with African Oracle? It is the way this email
address is set up. It is being used for hundreds of mailing list and it is
owned by Dele Olawole so no masquarading, moonlighting, disgusing or

Now back to your point, better fonts are not perfect as well at this point,
it is one step after the other. This type of things are not possible in the
past but gradually we are moving towards an acceptable standard.

This is why Yoruba Digital Consortium is established to bring experst
together to formulate a common and acceptable standard.

Find out at

It might take time but we will get a workable solution.


Dele Olawole
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> Dele, who moonlights as African Oracle <oracle at africaservice dot
> com>, wrote:
> > Laughter: Yes, Doug I could see what you have done, but it does not
> > appear right or look right. It is just like putting the nose where the
> > eyes are supposed to be a bit out of phase; especially with the dot
> > below and even worst when one is considering O with dot below...
> It looks fine, or not fine, depending on which font and operating system
> you are using. I'm using Lucida Sans Unicode on Windows 95 and the dot
> is just a bit too far to the left.
> These are minor, not dreadful, display problems which can be solved now
> by choosing a different font, or later when fonts and rendering engines
> are updated to improve the placement of combining marks. This is a more
> portable and less costly solution than developing a new 8-bit encoding.
> -Doug Ewell
> Fullerton, California

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