new server: many duplicate messages

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 11:41:53 CDT


> It seems that something got wrong when installing the new
> Unicode server, and that many messages that were initially
> processed in the message queue were missing.

This is false! Please note that some people said they re-sent their
messaages (which was also unnecessary). There was nothing in the queue when
the old server went down, and if anything is "missing" that's because it
never arrived *here*. As I said yesterday, anything that *arrived* there or
here got processed. Once.

> So the whole archived queue was processed again, creating many
> duplicate...

This is also false! Philippe, you don't know what you're talking about.
Please don't make these wild suppositions in the absence of facts.

> I hope this will stabilize, because I just deleted more than
> 150 duplicates (with new processing dates) this morning for
> messages I had already received 2 days ago...

There weren't 150 messages sent on the list yesterday. If there had been
some kind of drastic problem like that affecting the list and everyone on
it, I certainly would have noticed it.

There is no problem here with the list server that I can detect. I have
received no spurious duplicates, only a few messages that people have sent
twice, thinking they were lost. I would suggest that you view the received
headers of all those messages and see if they originated elsewhere. Maybe
you have an echo in your room. If you're inundated, perhaps you could
unsubscribe, or put in earplugs and see if the voices stop.

> Let's hope it's not a bug and that I won't receive these again
> tomorrow along with new messages posted today...

For further comments on the list processing and management, please do not
send mail to the list. You just add to the noise level.


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