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Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 16:31:29 CDT



> This mail is written with the Yoruba Keyboard that was rolled out yetserday.

> Please just look at the issue raised earlier raised.


I produced the following screen shot after simply reformatting the text in your message with a font designed to support languages like Yoruba:




This was formatted with Doulos SIL. (I also bumped up the size to make it clearer what is or isn’t happening typographically.) If you are using Outlook 2003 or another mail client with OpenType support and simply obtain the font for yourself ( use another appropriately-designed font, then you should be able to see the original text working as desired on your own system:



> áéíẹ́ọ́ú



> Looking at the above it is obvious that the acute on top of the e and o with

> dot below is a bit too high almost to the point of looking like a cedilla

> under E.


What is obvious is that you are trying to solve a problem using fonts that aren’t up to the task. This is purely a font/rendering issue, not an encoding issue.



> In transit the acute and the grave could be removed by just putting the

> cursor in between ẹ́ and ọ́ because ther are combined in a way that is not

> binding.


> It even becomes a compounded problem during copying and pasting because the

> accent occupy two cursor space. I still think with all these observations

> something must be done.


In actual practice, none of these are problems. I can copy and paste portions of your text with no problem: Ẹ́ÍÓ.





Peter Constable

Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies

Microsoft Windows Division


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