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Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 12:45:21 CDT

On 05/05/2004 11:02, Michael Everson wrote:

> At 09:15 -0700 2004-05-05, Peter Kirk wrote:
>> Soem American native speakers of English might have trouble
>> recognising English written in Celtic type script. You would find
>> much less such difficulty among native speakers of English in Ireland.
> Sometimes people have trouble reading the traditional insular g, or
> the long r and long s, but otherwise what you are saying is just plain
> wrong.

OK, maybe not such a good example. So let's go back to Suetterlin. I
would expect a much higher rate of recognition among German users of
normal Latin script than among American users of normal Latin script. So
a test of recognition in America might seem to indicate that Suetterlin
should be disunified from Latin, on the same grounds that you want to
disunify Phoenician and Hebrew (plus that Suetterlin has different
cursive joining behaviour, just as Syriac does from Hebrew), but a test
in Germany might provide evidence against this disunification.

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