RE: Proposal to add QAMATS QATAN to the BMP of the UCS

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 15:06:44 CDT

> Good. For that is precisely what we do NOT want to allow. Qamats qatan
> should combine with dehi etc in only one way. So it should have a
> different combining class.

Considering that dehi is class 222, that would happen regardless of what
class qamats qatan was assigned to, as long as it wasn't assigned to 222
(which I didn't mention as a possibility).

> However, as it is a variant of qamats it
> should have the same combining class as qamats; making a distinction
> will only cause confusion and complicate rendering mechanisms.

Yeah, whatever. Just make sure nobody is going to come along later and
say, "We've discovered we need to distinguish two orderings for qamats
qatan and athnah" (or tipha, tevir, munah, mahapakh, merkha, merkha
kefula, darga or yerah ben yomo).

(Of course, if they do, they can always insert CGJ.)

Peter Constable
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
Microsoft Windows Division

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