Re: Hooks and Curls and Bars, oh my (was: New contribution)

From: D. Starner (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 22:06:49 CDT

"Ernest Cline" <> writes:

> I wasn't aware that there was an ARABIC SMALL LETTER D to add
> a curl to,

There wasn't a Devanagari question mark to make a glottal stop
out of, but the Latin glottal stop was added to Devanagari anyway.

> Still, even with potential glyph unifications of distinct characters,
> if Phoenician is unifiable with Hebrew, one should be able
> to come up with a system for Phoenician that would incorporate
> the richness of the Hebrew point and cantilation marks. I'm not saying
> that it can't be done; I don't know enough about the scripts to say that.
> I am saying that unless it can be done, unification would be a mistake.

The points are just accents; add them to the Phoenician characters at about
the same locations. When descenders get in the way, either move the accent
or transform it, ala LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH CARON. If anyone really
cares, they could be added without problem, whether or not Phoenician is
unified with Hebrew.

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