Re: Phoenician

Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 16:10:48 CDT

E. Keown scripsit:

> > This could be solved by making Phoenician and Hebrew
> > base characters equivalent
> > at the first level of collation.
> Could this be translated and expanded into Basic
> Not-so-Geeky English???---Elaine

It means that given an alphabetized list of words, some of which are Phoenician
(including Palaeo-Hebrew, Punic, the whole ball of wax) and some of which are
Square, you won't have all the Square words in one section and the P. words in
the other (which is what happens if you have a mixed list of English words and
Russian words, say).

Instead, the alefs will sort together, the bets will sort together, and so on.
Only if two words are identical in everything but script will the Square
come first and the P. second (or the other way about, depending on how
the default collation rules are set up).

This would only be the *default* rules. Unicode-savvy sort programs can
accept "tailorings" that make the rules different, like the Swedish tailoring
that makes a-ring, a-umlaut, and o-umlaut sort after z instead of in their
default places with a and o.

John Cowan
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