Re: CJK(B) and IE6 (was Re: Philippe's Management...)

Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 16:13:02 CDT

(Many thanks to Raymond Mercier who has helped me resolve the
display problem here with CJK-B, UTF-8, and MSIE6.)

I just got the UTF-8 CJK-B in my test page to display in IE6.

Here's how. The registry setting for Windows XP allows for a default
font for the BMP, a different font for Plane One, a different font for
Plane Two, and so forth.

NotePad (and, presumably other Windows apps) use this registry
setting for font switching in plain text. The browser does not
seem to use this particular registry setting.

The registry settings for Internet Explorer only allow for one
font for "surrogates". Naturally, I had that setting as "Code2001",
which only tries to cover Plane One.

So, what I did was add the CJK-B font as the "IEFixedFontName" value
in the appropriate registry setting, then put <PRE> tags around the
CJK-B text. Voila!

(Of course, I could have made the CJK-B font be the "IEProp..." font
name, then it would work without the PRE tags, but I want to have
the 'best of both worlds', so kept Code2001 as the proportional
"surrogate" font.)

So, IE6 *will* display Plane Two material in UTF-8.
IE6 will not display Plane One material in UTF-8. That's the bug.

(NotePad does display both Plane One and Plane Two UTF-8 text.)

(If you're on Windows, and want to tweak your registry for supplementary
character support, this page by Tex Texin will help... )

Best regards,

James Kass

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