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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 23:16:07 CDT

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    on 2004-05-07 07:47 Peter Constable wrote:
    > Have you not heard that yours is not the only scholarly community? To
    > speak as though there is only one, or that all have the same needs as
    > yours, seems a bit arrogant.

    Sadly, the hegemonist view is not restricted among scholars to these
    semeticists; in systematic biology, a group wanted to adapt the basic
    classification scheme of organisms to better fit current science. They
    were resisted, and began constructing their own classification scheme.
    The hegemonists who had resisted their making the classical scheme
    useful for their needs have resisted even more their creation of a new
    scheme. Sadly, "my way or the highway" has always been too common in

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