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Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 06:00:01 CDT

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    Patrick Andries <> wrote:
    [on tailored collations]
    > [PA] I suppose this would be true in principle, but how long before this
    > is implemented in the **actual tools** used by user such as MS Word or
    > MS SQL Server ?
    > [...] (yes,
    > I know with a bit of tailoring ($) other tools from other manufacturers
    > could fit the bill).

    When you get get it from other sources, why lamenting on the
    non-availability from Microsoft?

    There is enough software which offloads collation to IBM ICU,
    where adding tailorings is very easy.

    The guys from Mimer SQL, which is widely unknown but supports
    an amazing range of otherwise ignored collations, will happily
    discuss this issue with you.

    A modest contribution to the Firebird Foundation or any
    decent programmer working on this OSS SQL database, will give
    you any collation for Firebird and Interbase.

    The argument 'we can't go this way, because Microsoft doesn't
    support it' is rather the wrong way around. And it's even not
    engraved in stone, that Microsoft won't support it.

    Peter Jacobi

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