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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 11:01:00 CDT

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    From: "Carl W. Brown" <>
    > Do you know if there is an official list of country possessions?

    Not very complicate to build, starting by the ISO 3166-1 and UN (numeric) list
    of country/territory codes. I have such a list if you want.

    But all depends on the level of granularity you need: some "territories" in UN
    and ISO have a single code for the same administrative region, that covers
    sometimes very distant "possesions" (I'd rather use the term "dependancies").

    Some of them have no formal assignment in ISO 3166-1, only some reserved codes
    or simply no code at all. Examples: Jersey (JE), Guernsey (GE), Chausey Islands
    (grouped with Jersey?), Paracel Islands (claimed by China).

    The status of some "possessions" in the Antarctica (AQ) is not clear. They are
    administered by existing countries for the scientific bases that run there, but
    have now a limited right for their expansion (the old maps that divided it into
    sectors to the pole are no longer valid), and the territory itself is placed
    under an international treaty protected by the United Nations.

    I can say that of the old French "Terre Adélie" which consists in only one
    antarctic scientific base (Dumont d'Urville), now administered within the
    "French Austral and Antarctic Territories" (TF), an administrative term that
    also covers non Antarctic islands such as Kerguelen Islands and Amsterdam Island
    (this territory, out of the European Union, is administered from Paris by two
    ministries, and is used mostly as a flagship for commercial navigation).

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