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Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 12:58:20 CDT

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    Patrick Andries <Patrick dot Andries at xcential dot com> wrote:

    >> It's clear to me that the reason my colleague and I can read this
    >> font is not that we have any special knowledge of "both scripts," but
    >> because it's a stylistic variant of Latin.
    > And thus he cannot read a Vietnamese text in Sütterlin, as you said,
    > because it is not a stylistic variant of Latin ?

    He cannot read *either English or Vietnamese* in Sütterlin primarily
    because, although both Sütterlin and Fraktur are stylistic variants of
    Latin, the Sütterlin letterforms are stylistically farther removed from
    ordinary Latin text than the Fraktur letterforms, and secondarily
    because Fraktur is more familiar than Sütterlin. (I realize this
    secondary argument contributes absolutely nothing to the
    Hebrew/Phoenician debate.)

    -Doug Ewell
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