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Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 13:09:41 CDT

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    > The status of some "possessions" in the Antarctica (AQ) is not clear.
    They are
    > administered by existing countries for the scientific bases that run
    there, but
    > have now a limited right for their expansion (the old maps that divided
    it into
    > sectors to the pole are no longer valid), and the territory itself is
    > under an international treaty protected by the United Nations.

    Not quite. The Antarctic Treaty did not do away with the competing claims,
    it merely suspended them and signatories are not allowed to make new
    claims in Antarctica while the treaty is in force. All seven nations that
    claims predating the treaty, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New
    Norway, and the United Kingdom have not relinquished those claims, and the
    United States and Russia while not having made claims (or recognizing those
    made by others) have reserved the right to do so (as was the position of the
    US and USSR before the treaty was in force.) At one time Brazil was
    a zone of influence but apparently no longer is. In theory, a nation could
    to abandon the treaty and assert it claims after having given two years

    In any case, time zones in Antarctica can get complex, with different bases
    keeping to different time standards based on which country operates the
    IIRC, many of the US bases are on New Zealand time, including New Zealand
    daylight savings time calculations.

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