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Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 09:48:38 CDT

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    On 08/05/2004 11:42, John Cowan wrote:

    >Mark Davis scripsit:
    >>- But I'm good at it, because invariably when I say it's a tree,
    >>I agree with myself.
    >Hardly. If the rest of you hadn't agreed with his judgments most of the
    >time, the Roadmap might look quite different. It's more like Potter
    >Stewart on pornography.
    But have the others agreed with his judgments because they are convinced
    of their correctness? Or is it more that the others have trusted the
    judgments of the one they consider to be an expert, and have either not
    dared to stand up to him or have simply been unqulified to do so? It
    amazes me that all of the existing scripts have apparently been encoded
    without any properly documented justification apart from one expert's
    unchallenged judgments.

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