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From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 08:44:42 CDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > But have the others agreed with his judgments because they are
    > convinced of their correctness? Or is it more that the others have
    > trusted the judgments of the one they consider to be an expert, and
    > have either not dared to stand up to him or have simply been
    > unqulified to do so? It amazes me that all of the existing scripts
    > have apparently been encoded without any properly documented
    > justification apart from one expert's unchallenged judgments.

    Hey, come on, is this really necessary? "Gee, I disagree with Michael
    on this point, and what's more he seems arrogant to me. I bet that
    means that he's been running roughshod over the whole Unicode community
    for years and nobody's dared to stand up to him." The logic falls apart
    there somewhere in the middle. If you really think that some of the
    already-encoded scripts are poorly attested, speak up on specifics, not
    just "Michael must be running everything (because nobody before me would
    ever have stood up to him)." Not that there's much that can be done
    about what's already encoded, but vague accusations really do *not* help
    the kind of discussion we need to promote around here.

    Try to keep it civil, OK?


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