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Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 10:07:13 CDT

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    On 07/05/2004 09:44, Carl W. Brown wrote:

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    >If I live in Guam I will probably be using an en_US locale. However the "US" territory does not contain my time zone. Probably the best solution for this problem is to add a category of possessions to the territory information. This allows applications to enumerate available time zones for not only the country itself but also it possessions that might be using the locale.

    This issue is not limited to a country's possessions. Many expatriates
    and travelling business people etc want to keep their (laptop)
    computer's general locale settings as that of their home country (not
    least because changing this often destabilises data) but need to set it
    to the time zone in which they are temporarily resident. So time zones
    should be kept independent of other locale information, especially
    independent of such things as date and decimal point formats, and
    preferred languages.

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