Re: TR35 (was: Standardize TimeZone ID)

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 10:14:26 CDT

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    >>So the database aliases one to the other. Aliases are used for timezones
    >>that are compeltely equivalent on the whole timeframe considered
    >>(apparently only starting in the early years of last century).
    >The cutoff date is 1970-01-01; if two timezones have been the same ever since
    >then, they are not separately encoded *unless* they are in separate national
    >jurisdictions (because after all it is the nation-state which sets up the
    >rules). This date is the Posix zero point.
    It is not always the nation-state which sets the rules. For example, in
    Australia each state sets its own rules; and so there are six different
    schemes with half hour differences, some daylight saving and some
    without. It is not only possible but quite likely that new distinctions
    will be introduced in time zones which have been the same since 1970;
    e.g. very likely New South Wales and Victoria have been in the same time
    zone ever since then, but there is a real chance that NSW will abolish
    daylight saving but Victoria will not. So don't assume too quickly that
    time zones will not be split.

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