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Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 11:55:04 CDT

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    > > Yes. The default template is for default behaviour. Most people in
    > > the world use a tiny subset of characters available, and don't care
    > > much about what happens in scripts which are not their own.
    > So, if someone's data contains Phoenician but not Hebrew characters,
    > then a default collation would do what they want whether it
    > interleaved
    > Phoenician and Hebrew or not.

            Correct. However, if I (who can't tell the difference between
    Hebrew and Phoenician) am sorting arbitrary data with both Hebrew and
    Phoenician characters...well, it could be painful. However, how likely is
    this to happen?

            The thing I'm wondering about - is it really unreasonable to expect
    linguistic scholars to be able to construct and implement custom sort
    orders? I'd expect them to be the experts in that area...?



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