Re: Coptic/Greek (Re: Phoenician)

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 21:03:04 CDT

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    E. Keown wrote:

    > Elaine Keown
    > Tucson
    >Dear Kenneth Whistler:
    >>down, but even for this, the edge cases result in
    >>irreconcilable arguments: is Etruscan left-to-right
    >>or right-to-left or both?
    >A lot of the really early Greek (on the true edge
    >between Phoenician and Greek) seems to be
    >tetradirectional.....or even pentadirectional.
    >Are you opposed in principle to having small encoded
    >blocks which have multiple potential directionalities?
    I think it would be cleaner to use overrides in cases like this. Or
    simply higher-level markup: it may be reasonable to define that
    directionality more complex than boustrophedon is beyond "plain text."

    Different blocks would probably be a Bad Thing, since then the same word
    written in different directions would no longer be "the same word."


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