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Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 09:40:03 CDT

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    > Well, it is true that what I really search for is not *exactly* the
    > formatting locale, but rather another wider information, which would
    be the
    > mind setting of the writer.

    Precisely. The locale info only tells you how a number would have been
    formatted by the author's system, not what the author in fact did. When
    you receive a document, being told what the system would have done
    doesn't tell you anything useful. Not unless the document you receive
    was generated by the system -- and I'm guessing that in many such
    situations what's exchanged isn't a document per se but data structures
    in which numbers are in some pre-defined representation not formatted
    for the user.

    I'm not saying that there is never a need to exchange locale-setting
    info. Only that I don't think it's appropriate in general to tag
    documents (by which I don't mean an accounting spreadsheet or an
    order-entry record) for things like number formatting, and so such info
    should not be included in attributes like xml:lang.

    > I have another example, but I cannot expose it here publicly, it is
    > to some proprietary software.

    If something is going on internal to proprietary software, then there
    are no rules. This is only about public interchange.

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