Re: Archaic-Greek/Palaeo-Hebrew (was, interleaved ordering; was, Phoenician)

From: E. Keown (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 14:44:27 CDT

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             Elaine Keown


    > There might be time, but there is no reason to make
    > such a proposal.
    > Archaic Greek is already handled by Greek. It even
    > includes archaic
    > letters like QOPPA. There are some letters missing,
    > like HETA, but
    > those can be added in due course.

    I hope Dean Snyder does this---and he is right, there
    is a reason.

    Epichoric Greek alphabets do have a variety of
    letters, apparently different in each region, and the
    Archaic Greek is quite different from the regular


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