Common Locale Data Repository 1.1 beta

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 00:09:26 CDT

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    We are starting the beta process for CLDR 1.1 and LDML 1.1. New comparison
    charts have been generated and are available for review. Because of the
    transition from OpenI18N to Unicode sponsorship, a relatively small number of
    changes have been included in this release. Among them are the ability to have
    very narrow month and day names for calendar headings, two grammatical forms for
    month/day names, and the incorporation of new data and data fixes. The release
    period will also be very short due to this transition, so we would like any
    additional beta comments in by one week from now, May 21.

    Not all fixes slated for 1.1 have been incorporated into the charts or the LDML
    document; they will be rolled out in the coming days. (In particular, the
    collation changes have not been yet reflected in the charts.) For more
    information on CLDR, see

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