RE: unicode Digest V4 #138

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 00:33:29 CDT

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    > > For instance, if the
    > > order information is exchanged using some XML schema involving, say
    > >
    > > <item id="79234CRX">
    > > <name>Buckwheat flour (bulk)</name>
    > > <amt>123,456</amt>
    > > </item>
    > then the schema is a screwy one. XML schemas have standard ways to
    > represent numbers (whether you mean W3C schemas or RELAX NG ones), and
    > commas can never appear (the radix is specified as the period, and
    > thousands are not separated).

    I wasn't using "schema" necessarily in the sense of W3C Schema or Relax
    NG Schema. But to do so would have simplified my point: there *is* a
    predetermined representation for numbers (not the one in my example),
    and any cultural formatting is done on the local system.

    Peter Constable

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