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Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 10:04:31 CDT

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    > Jony Rosenne scripsit:
    > > However, in Hebrew and Arabic, numbers are written left to right and so
    > > are Latin and other LTR script quotations. So RTL really means mixed
    > > direction, and the bidi algorithm is there to handle it automatically
    > > with little user intervention.
    > BTW, Peter Daniels told me viva voce that arabophones, like persophones
    > and hebraeophones, do (hand)write numbers LTR starting with the most
    > significant digit. But we still have no confirmation from a native
    > arabophone.

    Sounds plausible.

    I do write numbers like 21 RTL, that's how I pronounce them.


    So if people pronounce it as

    esriem we achad

    then they probably indeed write the digit 2 first.

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