Re: Vertical BIDI

From: fantasai (
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 13:45:28 CDT

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    E. Keown wrote:
    > fantasai wrote:
    >>This is a shortcoming in Unicode BIDI: it currently
    >>only represents horizontal directionality, not
    >>vertical directionality.
    > So, does this mean that in 3 years there might be
    > vertical bidi?
    > I once met a guy from Nashua who told me that his
    > research group (HP?) thought that the most horrible
    > problem would be putting Chinese and Hebrew text on
    > the same screen....EK

    Chinese and Hebrew isn't that bad. You can use horizontal
    BIDI to get the right ordering for sideways text and ignore
    BIDI to get the right ordering for upright text. Chinese
    and English, imo, is a worse problem.
       (context: )

    Notice that in B, the Chinese and the English are going
    in opposite directions, even though they're both LTR scripts.

    Another problem is mixing Arabic with Chinese and having both
    of them read down. Because shaping happens after reordering [1],
    you need to use BIDI to get the shapes, but not use BIDI when
    you're actually ordering the text....




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