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Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 18:08:05 CDT

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    I see some differences

    - For Georgian, your new file contains only:
        Georgian (Mkhedruli);Geor;240;géorgien (mkhédrouli);Georgian;2004-05-18
    But the previous version also contained in one of the online tables:
        Georgian (Asomtavruli);Geoa;242;géorgien (assomtavrouli);Georgian;2004-01-05

    - Where is this line?:
        Syloti Nagri;Sylo;316;sylotî nâgrî;;2004-09-01

    Limbu has been adjusted to a more appropriate numeric code within South-Asian
    scripts (401 to 336).

    I also think that the removal of duplicate rows for English or French name
    aliases was a good decision (after all the aliases are already listed between
    parentheses). I also think that slpitting the line for the start end end codes
    of private scripts was a good idea.

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    Subject: ISO 15924 draft fixes

    > The Registrar wishes to thank everyone who has taken an interest in
    > the ISO 15924 data pages, and regrets the imperfections which are
    > contained there. I am not sure how we will manage the generation of
    > the pages, but it is clear that the base should be the plain-text
    > document.
    > I have made changes to the plain-text document and placed it, a draft
    > Changes page, and the original plain-text document available at
    > I would appreciate it if interested persons could look this over and
    > inform me if they find any further discrepancies between the two
    > which are worth troubling about. Then we will proceed to generate the
    > other files.
    > I deleted some duplicate lines: Ethiopic was on two lines, under
    > Ethiopic and under Ge'ez. It seemed inappropriate to burden the
    > tables with such duplication.
    > I added Coptic unilaterally.
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