Re: ISO 15924 draft fixes

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 18:19:01 CDT

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    At 01:08 +0200 2004-05-20, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >I see some differences
    >- For Georgian, your new file contains only:
    > Georgian (Mkhedruli);Geor;240;géorgien (mkhédrouli);Georgian;2004-05-18
    >But the previous version also contained in one of the online tables:
    > Georgian (Asomtavruli);Geoa;242;géorgien

    That's correct. Asomtavruli has been deleted for now.

    >- Where is this line?:
    > Syloti Nagri;Sylo;316;sylotî nâgrî;;2004-09-01

    A new script? Oh, it's in the old file and not in
    the new one? It, Coptic, and Phags-pa need to be
    in the list (they are all under ballot).

    >Limbu has been adjusted to a more appropriate numeric code within South-Asian
    >scripts (401 to 336).

    Error corrected.

    >I also think that the removal of duplicate rows for English or French name
    >aliases was a good decision (after all the aliases are already listed between

    No, it would allow a huge number of aliases.
    People can search the online files with command-F
    or control-F.

    >I also think that slpitting the line for the start end end codes
    >of private scripts was a good idea.

    It wasn't mine. I forget whose it was, but it
    makes the tables print more nicely.

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