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Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 18:26:19 CDT

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    I note also that the list of change (the HTML file in your archive) does not
    include the change of orthograph in English names for consonnants with dots
    below (such as malalayam). As this ISO-15924 standard should make the English
    and French names unambiguous, their orthograph is important.

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    > The Registrar wishes to thank everyone who has taken an interest in
    > the ISO 15924 data pages, and regrets the imperfections which are
    > contained there. I am not sure how we will manage the generation of
    > the pages, but it is clear that the base should be the plain-text
    > document.
    > I have made changes to the plain-text document and placed it, a draft
    > Changes page, and the original plain-text document available at

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