Re: Response to Everson Phoenician and why June 7?

From: E. Keown (
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 19:42:21 CDT

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            Elaine Keown


    > Does Dr. Kaufman speak for all professionals in the
    > field, or would it be fair to say that Dr. Kaufman
    > is speaking for only one such professional?

    Prof. Dr. Stephen Kaufman, of Hebrew Union College,
    Cincinnati, is the leading computational Aramaist in
    the world. He is certainly among the top 5 Semitics

    Prof. Kaufman is the head of the CAL, the
    Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon. He hopes to completely
    computerize all Aramaic ever written.

    He knows more about manuscripts and about variant
    glyphs than I ever expect to know.---Elaine

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