Re: [OT] What is Langues'O (was: ISO 15924 draft fixes)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 08:27:54 CDT

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    From: "John Cowan" <>
    > Philippe Verdy scripsit:
    > > > Please go to Langues'O for this commentary. As I wrote, you will be
    > > > probably answered with the historical context.
    > >
    > > C'est quoi Langues'O ? Où est-ce ?
    > Please forgive me for intruding into an internal francophone matter, but
    > whenever I see "Langues'O", my mind insists on correcting it into
    > "Langues d'O", as in "Histoire d'O". Not that I read French.

    Here I was asking to Antoine Leca what was "Langues'O" and where it was...
    Because I don't know that resource (or it's nor the name with which I may have
    seen this resource before...)

    Yes the name is strange by itself ("Langues" is French, but the combination with
    an apostrophe or quote after this word is strange for me too, uncommon in French
    except for transliterated foreign words, because the opostrophe normally
    designates a truncation of a word and "Langues" is complete by itself with its
    plural mark).

    The terms "Langues d'O" makes me think more about "langues d'oc" which is the
    french name for a set of historic Romance languages in today's Southern France
    (from which Occitan also named in France "Provençal" is a member, as well as
    "Gascon", and a region in the South of France is named "Languedoc" with that
    linguistic reference); it is opposed to "langues d'oïl", the set of historic
    Romance languages in the North (from which Old French or "language françoise" is
    born to evolve to French "langue française"; other "langues d'oïl include
    regional languages in France: "Picard", "Angevin", "Poitevin", "Gallo"...).

    The terms "Langues'O" makes me think about "langues orientales" (which in French
    commonly designates semitic and asian languages, i.e. mostly the whole
    afro-asiatic family).

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