Re: ISO 15924

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 13:58:20 CDT

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    From: "Mark Davis" <>

    > Use of &#x200B; is perfectly appropriate to allow line breaks. What is not yet
    > being done is to *disallow* line breaks in the dates; that is a mistake, since
    > IE will break in dates and numbers, e.g.

    NO. You did not understand the issue. It is incorrectly encoded in the HTML
    page, because it is missing its final semicolon, normally mandatory at end of a
    numeric character entity...
    Some browsers may render an incomplete NCR, but in that case, IE will not render
    it because the underscore that follows it and the rest of the alias value is
    interpreted as being part of the entity name. Because IE will not recognize that
    entity name, it will renter it as if it was not a NCR but plain text.
    Other browsers may choose to discard the invalid NCR completely up to a
    synchronization point which will go beyond the underscore. So the value will
    appear truncated...
    In any case, the HTML page is incorrect as it is non-conforming and will break
    in many browsers...

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