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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 15:04:43 CDT

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    From: "Doug Ewell" <>
    > In any case, the question of *which* French-based transliteration(s) to
    > use seems to have been decided already.

    Is it true also for N°=206, Code=Goth, English_Name="Gothic",
    Nom_français="Gotique", Property_Value_Alias="Gothic" ?

    My French dictionnaries (Petit Larousse, Robert de la Langue Française) refer to
    "Gothique" (with a h), including my French-German dictionnary:
        * [fr] "Goth" (n.m.)
        = [de] "Gote" (n.m.), "Gotin" (n.f.), "Gotik" (adj. in Archeology).
        * [fr] "gothique" (adj.)
        = [de] gotisch (adj.)

    The French name of a script is built on the adjective (used to qualify
    "caractère" or "écriture"), written in the masculine singular form as it can
    also be a substantivation of the adjective used alone (some exceptions exist in
    the other current French names containing "syllabaire", "codet", "parole" and
    "hiéroglyphes" where a nominal group is used rather than an adjective, with only
    "hiéroglyphes" using the plural in both French and English).

    I have no référence in my French dictionnaries for "Gotique", but LOTS of
    references to "écriture gothique" ou "caractères gothiques" (including on the
    web and in calligraphy/typography books). I think it's a typo here... So this
    should be Nom_français="gothique".

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