Re: ISO 15924 French name "Gotique": a typo...???

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 17:44:23 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy a écrit :

    >To find proof that "gotique" is incorrect in French, I looked for some official
    >French resources, notably the list of language names published and used by the
    >clicking in the "allemand" language name gives this:
    >Depuis 1941, l'allemand a abandonné l'écriture gothique.
    >However I wonder if this is related to the "Sütterlin" script.

    [PA] Gothique = fraktur (in fact a type of Fraktur ou écriture brisée),
    gotique = script of Goths.

    >So may be a beter name would be "ancien gothique".
    [PA] No, I don't think so. If I remember properly, for the Robert
    Dictionary (very standard work), gotique is the language of Old Goths.
    This is not a typo. I'm travelling and don't have my dictionaries with
    me so I can't copy the definition but here is a reference I have :
    « /Le *gotique* (...) est antérieur de plusieurs siècles aux autres
    dialectes germaniques /(SAUSSURE, /Linguistique générale., /1916, p. 297). »

    In the Académie française dictionarie since 1718 « parfois /gotique, /en
    parlant du peuple ou de la langue ».

    Gotique was chosen over gothique because gothique is the usual term for
    Fraktur in daily speech and ancien gothique makes you think of an old
    Fraktur style.

    No need of corrections (used in 10646 in any case), however éthiopique
    is completely unknown in French except as the French name of a famous
    Greek classical book (Les Éthiopiques d'Héliodore).

    Could we have these discussions somewhere else (in French ?). Merci.

    P. A.

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