Re: [META] Should there be a separate public list for CLDR?

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 17:30:19 CDT

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    > [Original Message]
    > From: < (James Kass)>
    > Peter Kirk wrote,
    > > There has now been nearly a month to gain experience on this issue.
    > > During this time there have been several hundred postings related to
    > > locales. In just the last two days there have been more than 100. It is
    > > very tedious for those of working on character encoding issues to have
    > > to receive all of this irrelevant material.
    > Isn't that because reports of typographical errors and the like are
    > being submitted to our public list, where they get distributed to
    > some 600 plus subscribers, rather than being reported using the on-line
    > form as has been suggested and which would be more appropriate?

    Haven't been following the 15924 stuff much, but it might well be because
    the person wasn't sure that it was an error. I know that when I find a
    error in Unicode, if I'm certain its an error I'll use the online form to
    report it,
    but if I'm not certain (as for example with the Line Break class of ARABIC
    PERCENT SIGN) I'll ask a question here first to elicit feedback.

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