Language Tagging in Plain Text (was: Re: Response to blah blah blah)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 15:16:15 CDT

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    > (James Kass) writes:
    > > And we use language tagging in plain text how?
    > I seem to remember the Japanese asking that.

    It wasn't "the Japanese" that asked for it.

    > And I seem to remember
    > Unicode encoding the Plane 14 tags for that.

    Plane 14 language tags were encoded to provide a mechanism
    for string protocols which were claimed to have a need to
    mark language but which could not use full markup schemes.

    And more importantly, Plane 14 language tags were encoded to
    avoid the prospect of certain protocol writers writing
    language information into unused (and therefore illegal)
    bits in UTF-8 text streams.

    > And I seem to remember
    > people saying that if you want language tagging, you shouldn't
    > be using plain text.

    And those people are correct.


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