Re: Response to Everson Ph and why Jun 7? fervor

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Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 18:45:05 CDT

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    > The *point* is that everything that's screwed up in
    > Unicode Biblical Hebrew (well, almost everything)
    > could have been done correctly in the first edition of
    > Unicode, if the early Unicoders had listened to Alan
    > Groves and others.

            [lots of self scensoring]

            [lots more self censoring]

            Elaine, please review these threads. Among the things that stand
    clear, notable is the fact that a group of Semiticists, however large or
    unequivocal, is not the only userbase served by Unicode. There is an
    explicit requirement to examine the needs of the entire userbase, not just
    part of it, and accepting the work of one group /carte blanche/ would not
    fulfill that requirement. As the evidence grows that there are usergroups,
    however small or quiet, who need separate character sets for Phoenician and
    Hebrew, your assertion goes from inflammatory to absurd.


    P.S. What is "Unicode Biblical Hebrew"? Are you referring to all that
    stuff that doesn't yet exist in Unicode?

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