Re: Response to Everson Ph and why Jun 7? fervor

From: E. Keown (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 14:38:01 CDT

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            Elaine Keown

    Dear Curtis Clark and List:

    > but the fervor exhibited here makes me wonder what
    > the issues *really* are. I am used to seeing such
    > fervor among academics only when there has been some

    > unstated agenda at work. And so I wonder, are we in

    Mr. Clark is right to observe that there is more
    happening here than meets the eye.

    As I have mentioned (ad nauseam to Rick McGowan
    off-list) and intermittently here, there is a great
    deal of bad feeling towards Unicode among Semitists
    since ~1989 or so. The first time I spoke up *for*
    Unicode in about 1995, I was publicly mocked by a very
    famous professor.

    Leading computational Hebraists in the late 1980s
    tried to persuade Unicode planners to include a
    non-public but very widely used academic Biblical
    Hebrew code, Michigan-Claremont-Westminster, in
    Unicode....They were rebuffed (or, if you will,
    perceived themselves to be rebuffed).

    So the incorrect Tiberian accents and the incorrect
    canonical classes, and so forth already in
    Unicode--everything discussed also ad nauseam on the
    small Hebrew list for 9 months--was already available,
    perhaps in a more basic form, in this encoding.

    So the idea that Semitists who are famous worldwide
    are going to be ignored again doesn't sit well with
    anyone.---Elaine Keown

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