RE: Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 04:34:08 CDT

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    At 23:30 -0400 2004-05-24, Ernest Cline wrote:

    >Playing Cards:
    >It is fairly common now for standard decks to include two distinct
    >jokers, and if I remember correctly, there are games which use both
    >jokers and give them different roles. There are even decks with
    >more than two jokers, altho they are hardly standard.
    >In any case, it looks like at least one additional Joker character
    >will be required if playing cards are encoded,

    I'd need more explicit information than that, I think, to support the
    extra character. But I have no objection to it.

    >No comment.

    May one take this as a yes? The same comment about Background applies
    to Drauughts/Checkers just as it does for Chess.

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