RE: Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols

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Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 22:30:32 CDT

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    > Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols
    > Michael Everson
    > 2004-05-18


    I'm not certain that a full 724 set of Dominoes is needed.
    In plain text, the orientation of a domino would seem to
    be a matter for the font to specify. The orientation
    becomes a concern only when the dominoes are laid
    out as played, and that cannot be represented in plain text.
    If instead of providing all four orientations, no preferred
    orientation or only a single orientation were specified,
    then instead of 724 characters only 191 characters
    would be required to represent the same variety of
    dominoes as the proposal calls for.

    It might be better to consider encoding the pips for 0 to 18.
    (either in addition to or instead of the bones themselves)
     Some domino sets (as shown in the proposal) use different
    colors for different pip values. With the pips available as
    Unicode characters, it would be trivial to use HTML and CSS
    to not only create the desired dominoes out of the pips, but
    place them in any desired orientation and in relation
    to other dominoes for play.

    Playing Cards:

    It is fairly common now for standard decks to include
    two distinct jokers, and if I remember correctly, there
    are games which use both jokers and give them
    different roles. There are even decks with more
    than two jokers, altho they are hardly standard.

    To quote from the website Andy's Playing Cards [1]:
    "... during the first half of the 20th century the Joker cards
    became two (usually one red and one black, to match
    the Bowers' colour, but sometimes one with colours and
    one in black & white). Some decks now have three, or
    even more."

    In any case, it looks like at least one additional Joker
    character will be required if playing cards are encoded,


    No comment.


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