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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 11:02:42 CDT

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    At 11:23 -0400 2004-05-25, Dean Snyder wrote:

    >2) I used only capital letters, since they mirror more closely the
    >legibility issues associated with Old Canaanite legibility.

    Invalidating your "test" because German Fraktur of that style was not
    typically set in all caps, and native Germans fluent in Fraktur would
    have had trouble reading it.

    >I believe this supports my point that readers of Latin German who
    >have never read Fraktur would not recognize it as just a simple font
    >change, just as modern Hebrew readers who have never read
    >Palaeo-Hebrew seem not recognize it as just a simple font change
    >from Jewish Hebrew.

    I don't.

    >And so the analogy on this point holds - if we encode Phoenician abstract
    >letters, we should encode Fraktur abstract letters (and even more so
    >given the potential for a much larger and living community of users for
    >separately encoded Fraktur).

    It's a false analogy, but I said that to you a month ago too. You've
    tried to be clever, to "force" us into seeing Semitic scripts the way
    you do. You've failed.

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