Notice of Change to Unicode mail list posting

From: Sarasvati (
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 21:18:41 CDT

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    Dear Unicode Subscribers --

    This is your official notification that, as of today, some
    postings to this list will be sent to one of nine billion
    specially chosen moderators for pre-screening.

    If you receive an automated message that one of your postings
    has been retained for moderation, you need not be alarmed. In most
    circumstances your posting will appear in due course. Please do
    not re-submit messages that have been retained for moderation
    as this only slows down the process. You will receive a
    notification in the case that your posting is not subsequently
    forwarded to the list.

    Please review mail list etiquette and policy:

    Cheery regards from your,
            -- Sarasvati

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