Re: Notice of Change to Unicode mail list posting

From: James Kass (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 01:14:28 CDT

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    To a list manager, suggestions for list management are probably about
    as welcome as censorship is to freedom-loving people.

    In the text of the public list policies, there's a section concerning
    ad hominem postings which suggest that the proper approach is to:

         1) Carefully consider.
         2) Then launch!

    A gratuitous suggestion would be to add something to the effect that,
    'If you find that you are the recipient of a rabid ad hominem attack,
    you are invited to carefully consider its source before responding'.

    Another gratuitous suggestion which may be unwelcome concerns
    the character set. There should be only one character set acceptable
    for this list, IMHO, even though we all realize that some subscribers
    are 'forced' to use legacy character sets. The suggestion is to consider
    converting all of these incoming messages into UTF-8 before sending
    them out to subscribers.

    The final freebie concerns the practice of copying the author and
    others when replying to a posting. Many people have indicated that
    they dislike getting multiple copies, while others have stated that
    they actually like getting copied. In my case, I like to get a copy
    because there is usually a long delay between a posting and its
    distribution by the list. If someone copies me directly, I get
    their response faster. But, I don't really need to get two copies,
    either. Also, I sometimes forget which people don't want a direct

    So, maybe some kind of user profile? Individuals could configure
    their own preferences in this regard, and this list could then
    use that information to *NOT* send the list copy to someone who
    doesn't want two copies when the message already includes that person
    in the distribution. Does that make any sense?

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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