Re: Response to Everson Phoen and why June 7? (Chris Fynn...)

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Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 14:31:46 CDT

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           Elaine Keown


    Please cc: me if you reply or simply reply off-list.

    Yesterday Rick McGowan taught me that I can be 'on
    vacation' and still write in--what a fabulous thing...

    Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >> B. Asserting in the *documentation* that there is a
    >> well-known one-to-one equivalence relationship
    >> between the letters of this (and other 22CWSA) and
    >> Hebrew letters -- including the publication of the
    >> mapping tables as proof of concept.

    So one could write a proposal, a regular Unicode
    proposal, embodying this paragraph, once one
    understands the paragraph better?

    Peter Kirk wrote:
    > No, this doesn't go far enough, even for me so
    > almost certainly not for others. This is accepting
    > the splitters' case and throwing in a
    > footnote in the hope of satisfying the joiners. I
    > would think that the least that would be acceptable
    > is default interleaved collation.

    Dear Peter K.--may I have this in simpler, longer
    English?--I can't follow you at all...lost in first

    Chris Fynn wrote:
    >If you ask Ken & the UTC nicely I should think >a
    "linguistic relationship" between each letter and >the
    corresponding Hebrew letter might be indicated in >the
    name list immediately following the code
    >chart (as is done with 0F9D -> 094D). The
    >relationship between the letters of the two scripts
    >could probably also be explicitly stated in
    >the block intro for this script (and maybe in the
    >block intro for Hebrew as well). If the one to one
    >correspondence is explicitly stated in
    >the block intro this is a lot more than "throwing in
    a footnote".

    Dear Christopher Fynn:
    I didn't get this either, beyond one-to-one
    correspondence (father was mathematician, used such
    words). Simpler, longer version appreciated.

    Thanks, Elaine

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