Re: Response to Everson Phoen and why June 7? (Chris Fynn...)

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 05:34:01 CDT

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    E. Keown wrote:

    >Chris Fynn wrote:
    >>If you ask Ken & the UTC nicely I should think >a
    >"linguistic relationship" between each letter and >the
    >corresponding Hebrew letter might be indicated in >the
    >name list immediately following the code
    >> <>chart (as is done with 0F9D -> 094D). The
    Sorry, that should have been 0F84 -> 094D

    >> <>relationship between the letters of the two scripts
    >> could probably also be explicitly stated in
    >> the block intro for this script (and maybe in the
    >> block intro for Hebrew as well). If the one to one
    >> correspondence is explicitly stated in
    >> the block intro this is a lot more than "throwing in a footnote".
    >> Dear Christopher Fynn:
    >> I didn't get this either, beyond one-to-one
    >> correspondence (father was mathematician, used such
    >> words). Simpler, longer version appreciated.
    >> Thanks, Elaine
    Hi Elaine

    1) If you look at the list following the table for the 0F00 block
    (Tibetan) after
    0F84 TIBETAN MARK HALANTA you will see
    -> 094D devanagri sign virama
    which indicates a relationship between these two characters as described at
    [Cross References]

    I'm simply suggesting that a relationship between Phoenician characters
    and the
    corresponding Hebrew characters could be indicated in the same way

    2) Each script also has a "Block Intro" in the Unicode standard . (The
    block intro
    for Hebrew is at Chapter 8.1 of TUS v4 and those for Archaic Scripts are in
    Chapter 13). If the block intro for Phoenician contained a clear
    of the relationship of that script to Hebrew this would be much better than
    Peter's "throwing in a footnote". If necessary something could also be
    to the block intro for Hebrew, which currently contains little about
    scripts development or its relationship to other scripts.


    - Chris

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