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From: J Andrew Lipscomb (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 22:54:33 CDT

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    Here are some thoughts on the playing-card section:
    (1) There are four traditional suit/court patterns in playing cards of
    the West: French (spade/heart/diamond/club, king/queen/jack),
    Italian/Spanish (sword/cup/coin/baton, king/knight/jack), German
    (leaf/heart/bell/acorn, king/overjack/underjack), and Swiss
    (shield/flower/bell/acorn, king/overjack/underjack, and a unique rank
    called the banner).

    Should these four patterns be unified? Overjacks can be unified with
    knights, but queens cannot (since Tarot decks use both queens and
    knights). Similarly, the underjacks can be unified with just-plain

    Each suit actually needs 16 or 17 cards--Australian decks often include
    pip cards up to 12 in the black suits and 13 in the red (these are used
    for the game of 500). It is also necessary to encode two jokers (the
    game of Bid Whist, for example, uses a Big Joker as its top trump and a
    Little Joker as its second). Finally, the 21 tarots should also be

    Thus, my suggestion would beif it is deemed appropriate to unify the
    four Western patternsto encode first four 16-card rows consisting of
    four courts and number cards up to 12 in each suit. Then Little Joker,
    the tarots in ascending order, Big Joker, and finally the two red

    As for the bit about domino diagrams, it seems clear to me that a
    diagram is fancy text; for plain text, just the bones themselves will
    work (but halves should also be encoded, as a "suit" of dominos is a
    likely topic of plain text).

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