Re: [BULK] - Re: Vertical BIDI

From: Dominikus Scherkl \(MGW\) (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 09:50:58 CDT

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    > > As things now stand, Ogham must be wrapped in RLO...PDF brackets when
    > > mixed with vertical Han or Mongolian.
    > Yes, that's true -- and I don't see any reason why people can't live with
    > that... Those are the kinds of reasons we have the explicit controls.

    But the Problem was: wraped with RLO...PDF ogham is rendered wrong
    in horizontal text and without it is rendered wrong in vertical text - so one
    needs to change the explicit directionality when changing from horizontal
    to vertical and vice versa, but most other combinations of languages do not.
    That is unsatisfactoring. This was the only reason (as far as I can see) to
    propose a LR_BT value for the direction.

    Dominikus Scherkl

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