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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 14:57:37 CDT

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    D. Starner wrote:

    > Shouldn’t the encoding be geared towards those who use it the most?

    Who use *what* the most?

    > So far, all the people who actually use this script on a day to
    > day basis who have actually spoken up have been in favor of
    > unification.

    By "this script" presumably you mean Phoenician script, not Hebrew script.
    On this list we've heard at length from Semiticists who disfavor encoding
    Phoenician script -- which they don't use, since they report using
    Hebrew-script transliteration, or refer to them as the same thing, etc.

    Speaking up on this list isn't a criterion for anything. We don't happen
    to have *on this list* any of the actual "daily basis" Phoenician-script
    user community. If we did, we might have heard from them as well.

    Deborah Anderson has, off-list, reported contact with scholars other than
    herself who favor the encoding of Phoenician. But if by scholar you have a
    narrow meaning requiring a PhD, I think she may be the only "scholar" who
    has *on this list* reported that she favors encoding of Phoenician script.

    That was on May 2, which is ancient history by now. Others may correct me
    if I'm leaving anyone out.


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