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Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 09:57:58 CDT

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    On 2004.05.31, 15:36, Jrg Knappen <> wrote:

    > one can consider encoding the suits of Mahjongg, german, swiss,
    > italian and spanish card, too.

    Dunno about the others, but spanish play cards suit symbols are
    clearly "style" variations of U+2660, U+2663, U+2665 and U+2666.

    (BTW, I'm right asuming that U+2660, U+2663, U+2665 and U+2666 are the
    "actual" suit symbols, while U+2661, U+2662, U+2664 and U+2667 are
    just decorative dingbats?)

    > And the special sign printed on Joker cards (a five pointed star in
    > a circle)

    Would suitable to use U+235F and/or U+272A?

    > But not more.

    Perhaps some kind of decomposition can be added to the the full cards
    and domino characters?

    Like, f.i., U+1FF10 ~= U+0033 U+2665, or U+1FC10 ~= U+2681 U+2680

    (BTW, we're still missing a "DIE FACE-0". Perhaps U+25A1, or U+25A2 --
    or something new?)

    OTOH, Michael is quite categorical in n2760: While K[heart] (King of
    Hearts) means the same thing as does [heart]K (Herzen Knig) or
    R[heart] (Roi de Cur), these sequences cannot be equivalenced to the
    card pip [king of hearts].

    On 2004.05.31, 15:40, Jrg Knappen <> wrote:

    > There's another point about playing cards: The letters for the
    > "figures" are language-dependent. While english has AKQJ, german has
    > AKDB and other languages still have other letters (all for french
    > style cards here, german suite are still different with DKOU in
    > german). Once one start to encode whole playing cards, one has to do
    > it for all local letters...

    Hm, au contraire. Michael's quote above hints precisely that the goal
    of encoding cards as separate individual characters is to overcome
    that handicap.

    Of course one could encode instead a "generic play card king
    character", which Englisg fonts would render "K" etc, and still have
    each card as a pair of characters.

    That is preferable for some not for economy of code points (cf.
    Hangul?!). as indeed each playing card is conceptually composed of two
    "qualities". (OTHO, chess plays work the same way and nobody wants
    them decomposed...)

    Anyway, I'm sure n2760 does not say that the glyph for, say, U+1FF32
    must have a "J" on it and not a "B" or an "U"...

    Finnaly -- another use for n2760's card pips is in dice games: Some
    cubes, instead of U+2680 - U+2685, show U+2666, U+0041, U+1FF34 and
    some others I cannot recall right now.

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