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From: Jörg Knappen (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 04:50:04 CDT

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    Antonio Martins-Tuvalkin schrieb:

    >Hm, au contraire. Michael's quote above hints precisely that the goal
    >of encoding cards as separate individual characters is to overcome
    >that handicap.

    Unfortunately, this does not reflect the litterature about gard games.
    The litterature (and almost every german local daily has a weekly column
    about Skat) just uses the rather simple notation <heatsuit><letter K>
    to denote the King of Hearts, if they do not ressort to Herz-K at all.
    The same is true for web sites about card gaming.

    >Of course one could encode instead a "generic play card king
    >character", which Englisg fonts would render "K" etc, and still have
    >each card as a pair of characters.

    If the card gamers' community agrees on generic symbols for the ranks of
    cards (like the chess players have already done, abandoning the letters
    in chess litterature) they are worth encoding. But UNicode should not try
    to invent something which does not already exist in the world and has a
    solid standing there.

    --J"org Knappen

    Who still thinks, that playing cards aren't characters of plain text.

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