Re: Revised Phoenician proposal

From: D. Starner (
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 17:50:47 CDT

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    > (As a rhetorical device,) I have to say that I'm puzzled by this. All
    > I've seemed to hear from Semiticists is that Phoenician is not a
    > separate script. How, then, can these same Semiticists be the major
    > users of something that doesn't exist?

    There's a big difference between Phoenician not being a separate script
    from those already encoded in Unicode, and it not existing. It certainly
    exists as a script variant, like Fraktur.

    In that sense, treating Phoenician as a script variant of Hebrew is a big
    win for many of the users of the script, since they would have a hard time
    deciphering the bizarre (to them) script variant but have no problem reading
    texts originally written in it in different fonts.

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